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المجلس التجارى الكندى العربى

المجلس التجارى الكندى العربى 
the Canada-Arab Business Council

The mission of the Canada-Arab Business Council is to support member companies in doing two-way business with their counterparts in the MENA region through:
  • Promoting trade between Canada and the countries of the region by leading missions, hosting incoming delegations to Canada, and otherwise assisting members in their trade and investment activities in each country of the region.

  • Serving as a business advisory body to governments in Canada on matters relating to Canada’s trade and economic relations with the countries in the region. 

  • Creating awareness in the region of Canada’s business and commercial capabilities, and of the advantages of investing in Canada as a privileged access base to the North American Free Trade Market. 

  • Creating awareness in Canada of the importance of trade and economic linkages with the business, commercial and financial centres of each country of the region, and informing its members of business opportunities and economic and/or political developments in the region.

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